Schuco AWS 90.SI+

aluminium window combines the benefits of aluminium with pioneering thermal insulation for sustainable architecture.

In this way, the Schüco AWS 90 SI+ window does not only meet the demand for maximum thermal insulation, but also fulfils the highest architectural requirements for design and freedom of design options, with a basic depth of just 90 mm. Combined with the concealed Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart fitting, transparent formats up to 160 kg can be implemented; combined with Schüco TipTronic, additional energy-saving potential in buildings can be exploited.

Product benefits
The maximum thermal insulation with a basic depth of 90 mm: Uf value of 1.0 W/(m²K) (face width of 117 mm) Uw = 0.8 W/(m²K) (with Ug = 0.6 W/(m²K) and plastic spacer)
Co-extruded centre gasket with fi ns
Optimised insulation zone with foam-filled insulating bars
Available in a design with tilt / slide fitting
Compatible with the Schüco ADS 90.SI door series

Design features:
Face-fitted vent frame on the room side rebated by 10 mm from the frame edge, flush-fitted on the outside.
Thermally insulated insulating bars with three hollow chambers in the vent and foam insulation form the rebate for the co-extruded, hollow multi-chamber centre gasket, which is fitted with a foam core and has three fins to reduce convection.
The centre gasket is attached in the area of the insulation zone to the insulating bars by means of a double locating groove and hooking in at the rear.
The glazing rebate is thermally insulated by means of foam profiles which are tailored to the profile system and wrap around the outer insulating glass edge.
The system must be fitted with square glazing beads.
The glazing beads are installed with plastic clips to compensate tolerances.

Profile basic depths:
Outer frame, mullion, transom 90 mm
Vent frame 100 mm

Profile face widths:
Outer frame, bottom 109 mm
Outer frame, side and top 84 mm
Mullion 104 mm
Transom 104 mm
Vent frame (window) 36 mm
Vent frame (window door) 46 mm
Double-vent profile, narrow 62 mm