Schuco AWS 70 HI

The high-quality window system with a comprehensive range of solutions

The Schüco AWS window systems from a basic depth of 70mm combine good thermal insulation with the unique advantages of aluminium: durability and stability, narrow face widths and a variety of designs. In addition to the outward-opening solutions or solutions for easy-access window doors from the Schüco AWS 70.HI standard window series, there is a comprehensive range of solutions available with this basic depth, even for special design requirements. Whether with the SoftLine (SL) vent contour for softer lines, the bevelled outer contours of the Schüco AWS 70 RL.HI window system or the narrow “Steel Contour” of the Schüco AWS 70 ST.HI window system, visual accents can be set.

Product benefits
Excellent thermal insulation with a basic depth of 70mm: Uf values of 1.6W/(m²K) (face width 117mm)
Also available as outward-opening vent or as crankoperated turn/tilt solution for large, heavy units
Wide range of profi les including the design systems: Schüco Window AWS 70 RL.HI (Residential Line), Schüco Window AWS 70 SL.HI (SoftLine) and Schüco Window AWS 70 ST.HI (Steel Contour)
Compatible with the Schüco ADS door range
Schüco AWS 70.HI, highly thermally insulated aluminium window system
With 70 mm basic depth.

Design features:
Face-fitted vent frame on the room side rebated by 10 mm from the frame edge, flush-fitted on the outside.
The high-volume hollow chamber profile centre gasket is located in the area of the insulation zone.
The system must be fitted with square glazing beads.
The glazing beads are installed with plastic clips to compensate tolerances.
For increased thermal insulation, glazing gaskets with fins must be used.

Profile basic depths:
Outer frame, mullion, transom 70 mm
Vent frame 80 mm

Profile face widths:
Outer frame, bottom 104 mm
Outer frame, side and top 79 mm
Mullion 94 mm
Transom 94 mm
Vent frame (window) 41 mm
Vent frame (window door) 61 mm

Double-vent profile (window) 67 mm